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AI Book Club

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How it works:

We meet every 2 months to discuss an AI-related book. In every meeting, Luiza Jarovsky is the moderator, and there are 5 designated commentators who share their perspectives on the book. After they speak for around 5 minutes, anyone in the group can raise their hand and comment. The meetings last 1 hour, and everybody is welcome to participate and volunteer to be a book commentator. Interested? Register using the form above, and happy reading!

Upcoming meetings:

Unmasking AI - Joy Buolamwini

Book #3: "Unmasking AI: My Mission to Protect What Is Human in a World of Machines", by Joy Buolamwini

When: Thursday, March 14, at 2pm ET (6pm UK time)

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The Worlds I See - Fei-Fei Li

Book #4: "The Worlds I See: Curiosity, Exploration, and Discovery at the Dawn of AI", by Fei-Fei Li

When: Thursday, May 16, at 1pm ET (6pm UK time)

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Past meetings:

The Coming Wave - Mustafa Suleyman

Book #2: "The Coming Wave: Technology, Power, and the Twenty-first Century's Greatest Dilemma", by Mustafa Suleyman & Michael Bhaskar.

Meeting date: January 2024

Atlas of AI - Kate Crawford

Book #1: "Atlas of AI: Power, Politics, and the Planetary Costs of Artificial Intelligence", by Kate Crawford.

Meeting date: December 2023

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