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Our team

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Luiza Jarovsky


"We started Implement Privacy to foster privacy awareness and reimagine technology in two main ways: first, our newsletter, live sessions, podcast, AI book club, and social media channels reach thousands of people every day, promoting critical discussions on privacy, tech, and AI. Second, our privacy & AI training programs offer in-depth perspectives on new technologies and their privacy-related challenges, empowering privacy and tech professionals to upskill, lead change, and advance their careers. I invite you to join our network, reimagine technology, and broaden your leadership opportunities."

See Luiza's bio here.

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Ariel Jarovsky


"Building tech with embedded privacy, transparency, and fairness should be a priority for designers, marketers, product managers, and tech professionals in general. However, this is not what happens on the ground. One of the reasons is a lack of awareness and training, as tech professionals might have good intentions but do not have a broader understanding of privacy and data protection or how to implement it in the design of products and services. We see Implement Privacy as a way to help tech professionals upskill and advance their careers towards a more critical and profound understanding of technology."

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